When is Flask better than Django for your project?

Today, you can create stunning web apps in minimum time thanks to the simplicity and elegance Python brings to the table. But you need to figure out which of the two most popular frameworks will suit you best. Flask is a lesser known option, but it can be a great pick whenever you are dealing with simple SPAs that you don’t expect to change a lot in the future.

Tips on picking Flask

First, consider whether you plan to go through numerous iterations in the years ahead. If you don’t, Flask is the best pick.

Second, decide whether you want to invest a lot of effort into training. If you don’t, consider Flask because it’s just pure Python with some basic framework-y pieces on top of it, while Django is a big solid framework that will require a lot of your time to learn.

Third, decide on whether you envision a larger app or a smaller, more nimble one. If it’s on the lighter side, go with Flask. It’s simple, elegant and perfectly suits developers who want to prototype or full-cycle develop unpretentious SPAs.