When is Django the right choice for your webdev project?

If you want to code in Python for your new great web app, you are bound to struggle with the question as to when Django is your best choice. In comparison to Flask, being its main alternative, Django is perfectly suited for bigger enterprise-grade applications.

3 use cases

First, if you envision that your development team will need new contributors in the future, Django is better because it has established an extensive community, already ready to provide new coders for your team.

Second, for those projects where there’s a lot of standard modules, Django cuts the development time since you can unpack various pre-configured components with minimal adjustments.

Third, it eliminates the need to make all those technological decisions that define your application’s architecture. It’s easy to pick a module and install it without spending lots of time to decide as to which specific solutions be used to address individual problems.

Importantly, you should know that Django features a much steeper learning curve as compared to Flask since it has premade modules. You’ll need to invest time and effort in order to learn how to use them correctly.