When should I use Django?

Django is one of the two most popular Python frameworks. Flask is the second. You should pick Django if you need to develop a complex web application that requires you to enable lots of various functionalities. And if you work on a smaller SPA or a micro-services site, Flask will probably suit you better.

Benefits Django unleashes

First, with this framework you can roll out most of the components usually used in webdev without coding anything new. This empowers you to focus on perfecting those modules that are actually unique.

Second, it comes with “all kinds of batteries”, including its own admin panel. Of course, the end user won’t be able to start working in it from the get-go, but if it’s the developer who’ll be entrusted with ongoing maintenance, that dev will be pretty happy.

Third, Django has its own Object Relations Mapping (ORM) that enables you to handle all those things server-side, including data access settings, sessions, etc. This makes it a truly robust solution for enterprise-grade web apps with a huge, exponential growth trajectory expected to come in the years ahead.