When is Flask the right choice for your webdev project?

Your web app will surely win from using Python as the main programming language. But many developers have to struggle with the question as to which of the two major frameworks they should pick: Django or Flask. Though being less hyped, Flask is perfectly suited for smaller SPAs.

3 use cases

First, if you don’t want to invest much effort into learning all the whistles and blow, with which Django comes from the box, Flask is the way to go. It’s basically pure Python with just a sprinkle of framework on top.

Second, you can prototype or full-cycle develop a simple SPA that you don’t expect to change a lot down the road. Flask is extremely simple and elegant, and it’ll take you much less time than Django.

Third, Flask gives you much more freedom. So, if you decide you want to code most of the modules for your new web app from scratch, Flask is the pick you should make.

All in all, you should carefully consider which framework to pick because the right decision will enable your team to cut down on lots of unneeded working hours, ultimately helping you to GTM your app faster.