When should I use Flask?

Flask is one of the two most popular Python frameworks. Today, you can use Flask in order to create all kinds of smaller web apps that require a lot of customization. When you want to develop a bigger app, Django is a better option because if offers a lot of ready-to-use modules usually found in web applications.

Benefits Flask pours out

First, it gives you the utmost freedom to make decisions about everything in your app. It comes with just a few framework solutions, but everything else is up to you. This can be extremely beneficial when you want to do the full-stack development for a one-page app or when you want to prototype the project real quick.

Second, Flask is pure Python with a bit of the framework on top of it. So, the learning curve is smoother here as compared with Django where there’s much more to learn.

Third, you can always hook up all those awesome libraries and add-ons, so that you don’t have to write all those components for your SPA from scratch.