When is Django better than Flask for your project?

Today, you can create stunning websites with Python. But the question is which of the two most popular frameworks you should choose and when. Importantly, Django better suits bigger projects or web apps that have a huge growth curve in front of them, while Flask is better for SPAs with static content that don’t expect much to be changed after the launch. Here’s a couple of other tips that will help you make the right choice.


First, decide whether you want to have a lot of freedom in your technological decisions or whether you are OK with using the out-of-box solutions for most of your modules. Django is better for those developers who don’t need much freedom around standard components.

Second, consider whether you might need to engage other coders down the road. If you do, Django is better because it boasts a much bigger community, as compared to Flask.

Third, try to understand the level of complexity that your web app will see today and in several years. The more complex the app is, the higher the chances that you’ll be better suited by Django.