How to cheat at fitness app design

fitness app design

Fitness app design is an activity responsible for the planning , creation and development of fitness products and services. It is a process that seeks creative and innovative solutions to meet fitness product characteristics, customer and company needs in tune with market demands and opportunities. The fitness app design is present in all areas of the company and all the elements that relate to communication with the fitness market. It is in the brand and logo, shape, materials, colors and packaging of products, points of sale, printed matter, networks and all promotional materials. Design helps your business improve and develop innovation, identity, communication and quality.

Areas of expertise in fitness app design

Environment: It consists of planning and arranging spaces, whether residential, public or commercial, choosing and / or combining the various elements of an environment in a functional, safe, economical, aesthetic and comfortable way. For commercial spaces, projects can be elaborated for retail stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, fairs, events, among others.

Communication: It makes the planning and performs activities necessary for the construction of direct and indirect messages to the target audience, mostly for marketing and dissemination of products and services. It covers the elaboration of graphic design, packaging, visual and corporate identity, information design, editorial, surface, stamping, digital design, signage, typography, promotional and promotional material.

Product: It comprises the creative and scientific use of technical skills in fitness app design development to determine their form, function, use and technology. It is a field of activity that allows the development of activities for various areas.

Service: It is the process of performing a job to satisfy a consumer’s need or to add value to a particular type of product whose outcome may be tangible or intangible. They can be classified according to their consumption characteristics, the types of users, the functions performed or the content of aggregate knowledge.

The fitness app designer profile

The professional who performs all these design functions is known as the designer. It is he who evaluates and combines:

  • Techniques and technologies
  • Production methods and processes
  • Materials and costs

Technical and legal standards to meet all project requirements in a manner compatible with the investment and customer needs. He can perform his activities as a contractor within the company, serve in his own offices or act as a freelance consultant in specific and isolated interventions. In a design process, it can take one or several steps, from fitness app design inspiration, planning, designing and developing products and services to integrated project management and production monitoring.

The designer, besides being tuned to fitness app design inspiration, must meet some requirements, such as:

  • Creativity to propose innovative solutions
  • Training and technical capacity to develop projects
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate and troubleshoot
  • Ability to work in teams and with professionals from other areas.
  • Responsibility and ethics to act according to society’s values

Improve in your designs even if you are not a designer

Typography is very important

Typography helps users navigate your product, features, and content. It may be simple and elegant at the same time, but it should always be easy to read and should not hinder your progress. Special attention is required when applying typography to content to make it interesting, while ensuring that it is useful to the user and has the correct visual hierarchy. Users love reading content with great typography and, when done correctly, is a big advantage in UI Design.

Keep the design simple

Lindon Leader, the designer behind the FedEx logo , once said: “I strived for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of these two things.” Everyone loves simple and minimalist design. Keep your layout, forms, and buttons simple, but make the colors, icons, and images look good to make your UI Design interesting. Do not try to add too many gradient effects, shadows, patterns, or brightness. The flat designs are easier and easier to understand. Keep them attractive by using elements such as images, buttons, and colors to add visual interest.

Make things easy for your user

If you are creating a mobile site or app, your goal should be that the user never has to use the “Help” button. When you are creating a wireframe for your site, think first about your user. Second, think of the user as well; and third, and four… your user is what matters! Make sure the content is organized to make more sense. Place buttons and actions where a user wants and needs them, either a “Add to Cart” button on a product page or a “Subscribe” button.

Add shortcut options

Everyone loves having options to get things done faster. Once you have decided on the layout, the next step is to add more options and create some shortcuts. For example, add the “Show More” buttons below the news listing. From there the user can see more news, instead of having to go to the menu and click to see news. Shorten the path and your user will be more satisfied.

Test, improve and make the user feel safe

Just designed some part of the interface? Review it again. And again!

It’s never too late to reinvent something. Always keep trying to improve the experience. The goal is to make the user feel comfortable with the developed design. You don’t want them to get bored, or worse, get frustrated.


When designing any interface or designing a website or application, most especially in your fitness app design always think of the user first. Have empathy for your user.

Try to understand his needs and, at all times, test your fitness app design with the real people who are part of your target audience. This will make your design more likely to succeed.

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